[bæk] adv I
1) returning to a place or position
Put those CDs back where you found them.[/ex]
Can we go back to what we were talking about earlier?[/ex]
2) returning to an earlier state or condition
We're hoping things will be back to normal again soon.[/ex]
I couldn't get back to sleep.[/ex]
3) as a reply or reaction to what someone else has said or done
Jane phoned, and I said you'd phone her back later.[/ex]
Just because he hit you doesn't mean you have to hit him back.[/ex]
4) away from a person, thing, or position
Get back – he's got a gun![/ex]
The band started playing as the curtain slowly went back.[/ex]
5) in the direction that is behind you
Don't look back, but there's a man following us.[/ex]
6) in or to a time in the past
Back in the '70s, disco music was very popular.[/ex]
Think back: don't you remember anything?[/ex]
7) used for talking about a place that you mentioned or were in before
I have no idea what's going on back home.[/ex]
Back at the hospital, the baby had just been born.[/ex]
back and forth — moving first in one direction and then in the opposite direction many times[/ex]
back */*/[bæk]
1) furthest from the front
There's a map on the back page.[/ex]
2) used for describing money that is owed from an earlier date and has not been paid yet
back wages/taxes/rent[/ex]
back street/road — a street/road that is away from any main streets/roads[/ex]
noun [C]
back */*/*/[bæk]
1) the part of your body between your neck and your bottom, on the opposite side to your chest and stomach
I have a pain in my back.[/ex]
She was lying flat on her back on the bed.[/ex]
2) the part or side of something that is furthest from the front
Get in the back of the car.[/ex]
The sun burnt the back of my neck.[/ex]
I'll put my name on the back of the envelope.[/ex]
3) the part of a chair that you lean on when you are sitting on it
What's that mark on the back of the sofa?[/ex]
4) an outside area behind a building
The kids are playing out the back.[/ex]
at/in the back of your mind — if something is at the back of your mind, you are slightly conscious of it all the time[/ex]
back to front — with the back part at the front[/ex]
Your skirt is on back to front.[/ex]
behind sb's back — if you do something bad or unkind behind someone's back, you do it without them knowing[/ex]
have your back to the wall — to be in a difficult situation with few choices, so that you have to work or fight very hard[/ex]
on sb's backinformal criticizing someone, or telling them to do things[/ex]
on the back of sth — because of something, or helped by something[/ex]
Share prices rose sharply on the back of a rise in profits.[/ex]
when sb's back is turned — when someone is not there, or is not paying attention[/ex]
As soon as her back is turned, he's flirting with other women![/ex]
turn I
back */[bæk]
1) [T] to support a person, organization, or plan, so that they are more likely to succeed
Both main parties are backing these proposals.[/ex]
2) [I/T] to move backwards, or to make a person or a vehicle move backwards
She backed out of the room carrying a tray.[/ex]
Steve backed me into a corner at the party.[/ex]
3) [T] to risk an amount of money by saying that a particular person or animal will win a race or competition
I'm backing France to win the championship.[/ex]
- back down
- back off
- back out
- back up
- back (sth) up
- back sb up
- back sth up

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